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Risotto with seafood, recipes and variations on the theme

The classic recipe, creative variations and tips to prepare risotto with seafood better than summer

When the desire for the sea rises, it's time to taste those classic dishes that always make us happy. Among these we certainly find the risotto with seafood that we have tasted in every summer of our lives and which we still need. We want to appreciate its rich and delicate taste at the same time, capable of telling us much about the sea and its beauty. But for this to really happen, we must pay proper attention to some details:

The choice of fish

One of the strengths of risotto with seafood is the intense aroma of its ingredients. So, if we want to prepare a good risotto, let's treat ourselves to a good fish. choose it fresh and as varied as possible: yes a mussels, clams and prawns, but also with squid and white fish fillets that will enrich our preparation. Once in the fish shop then, let yourself be inspired: the variations are always welcome!

White or red?

Everyone has his own recipe of the heart and to please everyone, we suggest you do this: take a handful of tomatoes, boil them, peel them and remove their skin and seeds. When reduced to fillets, they will make you fall in love with this dish.

Fish cooking

One of the major difficulties of this dish is to give each ingredient the right cooking. For this reason we suggest you to make a small scheme when buying and choosing fish, marking the cooking times of each ingredient. You will have to respect them by adding them to the rice cooker.

The question of parsley

In the 90s it put so much parsley that the seafood risotto became all green. The quantities were wrong, the right theory. Because in this risotto, parsley is fine. However, to avoid ruining it, cut it coarsely and add half a teaspoon per dish before serving.

And now? We prepare fish risotto, including must-have variations

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