Ricotta, symbol of made in Italy. Here's how to choose and cook it. – Italian Cuisine

Ricotta, symbol of made in Italy. Here's how to choose and cook it.

From seirass Piedmontese styleSicilian baking, the ricotta cheese it is the most widespread dairy product in the dairy traditions of the made in Italy and certainly the most versatile in the kitchen, where it finds a thousand uses according to the taste (from sweet to spicy), the consistency (creamy, compact or grater) and the milk used (cow, goat, sheep or mixed). It is consumed all year round, but its election seasons are spring and summer.

Ricotta: should it always be eaten fresh?

The fresh ricotta they must be purchased only when using them (they are very perishable and immediately take an acidic cue) and must always be drained very well (at least 15 minutes in a colander) so that they do not water down the preparations.

Those dryon the contrary, they are kept in the fridge for a long time, but only if well protected with food film (without PVC, unsuitable for foods that contain fat) to prevent them from drying out.

Use in the kitchen

in stuffed. Fresh ricotta is indicated, if the recipe includes something that contains it (a shell or a base of pasta), otherwise they risk spilling out during cooking. Therefore perfect with courgette flowers, stuffed courgettes, sweet baskets, puff pastries and savory pies.

in rolls and in roasted rolled up, it is preferable to have a more compact ricotta, such as the baked one.

The other uses. Cottage cheese can be declined in many different ways. The strong one (very spicy, also called squanta) is ideal on bruschetta hot with some pickled black olives. The fresh, besides being the protagonist of lean ravioli, it is perfect for seasoning pasta (with a drop of raw oil, a grated lemon zest, a few basil leaves), for a snack healthy and delicious, mixed with jam, cocoa or cinnamon, and again, mixed with eggs for a very soft omelette.

Hard cottage cheese can replace the common ones grating cheeses giving a hint of unusual flavor, while smoked is excellent in flakes on pasta, meat, potatoes and eggs.

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June 2020

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