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Poke away, we will eat rice salad this summer, but Japanese. Here is the recipe (very good) of the MU Fish restaurant in Nova Milanese. Easy to do, and sure to succeed.

THE'rice salad it's a great classic, of the gastronomic sadness of our Italian summers. It is the truth, that you try hard and prepare everything from scratch, using the best ingredients, or open a jar of preparation, the result is always tristarello. That may be why the pokè has become depopulated: at the bottom it is cold rice with a sauce on it, but it looks better (at least until you mix it with a spoon to eat it).

The surprise of summer comes from Japan, as an inspiration, even if in reality the idea came to Nova Milanese to chef Jiang del MU Fish restaurant. The philosophy of the restaurant is fusion, just like this rice salad dish that combines oriental techniques with European products, and vice versa. Thus was born a rice salad with cooked sea bass, various fish eggs, raw fish tartare and mushrooms. What can you do at home like this?

Ingredients for two people
500 g of white rice
30 g of sea bass
5 g of chives
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
15 g of shiitake mushrooms
120 g of tuna tartare
10 g of red prawns
20 g of tobiko (flying fish roe)
10 g of ikura (salmon roe)
10 g of caviar (or lumpfish roe)
2 quail eggs

Cook the rice steamed or with the pilaf technique.
Meanwhile, sauté the sea bass with salt, pepper, oil and the mushrooms previously washed and cut into pieces. After cooking, leave to rest. When the rice is ready, let it cool and mix the rice with the sea bass and the mushrooms. Add the tobiko, onion and extra virgin olive oil to taste.
Divide the yolk from the egg white of the quail eggs.
Serve the rice in two dishes and place ikura, caviar, tuna tartare and quail yolks on top.

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