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rice paper rolls

When you want a fresh, colorful and light lunch break, trust the rice paper. Here's where to find it and how to use it in the kitchen

What we propose today is an excellent alternative to the classic quick lunch based on sandwich, piadina or pizza slice.
A healthy and very light recipe that comes from the East and that will make your colorful and fresh sundresses.

What is rice paper

Rice paper or wonton pasta (bành tràng in original ligua) is a Vietnamese preparation based on rice flour, water and salt.
It looks like a kind of wafer, it is round and can be used for the preparation of many rolls and rolls like the ones we offer today. It can be used raw, but it is also suitable for steaming and grilling.

Where to buy rice paper

If before it was very difficult to find it, in recent years, with the spread of Asian cuisine, this has also become a product from the supermarket.
You can also find it in organic and natural food stores or in Asian food stores.

How to use rice paper

To create the rolls, just dampen it with cold water and then shape it with your hands.
Stuff it by making a strip in the center with all the ingredients following the diameter, but still leaving some space at the ends.
Then bend towards the inside first two ends and then roll the sheet over the filling.
At this point the roll will be ready and if it remains a little open, stick it with a brush of water.

How to stuff the rolls

The nice thing about this dish is that you can prepare it with what you prefer, using colors in particular.
So choose particularly brilliant raw vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, avocado, radicchio, peppers whether yellow or red or green and everything that comes to mind.
The only care is to cut the vegetables very thinly into strips, so that they can be aligned according to a chromatic order and with a certain criterion within the rice paper.
The roulade, once ready, is served cut into sections to show the beauty of the colors inside.

The ideal ingredients for the summer

This season you have lots of vegetables available and then use them as we explained in the previous paragraph.
Cut the carrots and matches and the cucumbers too, keeping the skin and an avocado not too ripe.
Also cut the iceberg salad and lettuce into a banner.
Also add some sprouts because they make color and give freshness and crispness.
As for the protein portion of the dish, add grilled tofu or chicken.
If you like legumes we recommend lentils or cannellini beans cream.
And speaking of cream, it must never lack inside a sauce that assembles and gives a little creaminess.
Hummus, guacamole, tzaziki, yogurt sauce or vegan mayonnaise. You decide.

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