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From the collaboration between the famous “pizzaricercatore” and the Autogrill Group, Saporé Milano is born, the new address of the highest quality pizza set in the Duomo Market in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The expressions "Crunch", "DoppioCrunch", "Mozzarella di Pane" and "PastaMadreViva" are preparing to echo again and again in the deepest and most prestigious heart of Milan. The Mercato del Duomo, the Milanese flagship store of Autogrill Group set in the sumptuous setting of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, it is officially ready to give its personal welcome to Flavor, The catering concept devised by the chef and "pizza maker" from Verona Renato Bosco. Where the pizza – the good one, the digestible one, the most exquisitely contemporary one – will be the absolute protagonist.

That's right. The creations of Bosco, which started in 2017 a fruitful collaboration with Autogrill based on its immense experience in the sector, are preparing to conquer the central area of ​​Piazza Duomo, in Milan, with a very precise password chosen as the yummy cry of battle: "innovation". A goal that the famous Veronese pizza maker has been pursuing for years through a rich process of experimentation on doughs and leavened products, alongside research on PastaMadreViva to that of the best cooking and flour. And completing it all with a meticulous selection of ingredients for the filling, often combined together in a completely unpredictable way.

The revolutionary proposals born within the walls of the first restaurant inaugurated by Renato Bosco, the Saporè – precisely – of San Martino Buon Albergo in the province of Verona, therefore also arrive on the second floor of the Duomo Market of Autogrill. All this, with a decisive remark on the fundamental characteristics of the concept: passion for food, customer focus and maximum care for the design of the room. The Milanese opening is configured as a first, fundamental step in view of future openings planned for 2020 in various Italian locations.

Yeah, but concretely what can you taste in this new Saporé space in the shade – is it really the case to say it – of the Madonnina? Pizza, obviously. But not just any pizza. The peculiarities of Bosco's proposal remain first and foremost healthiness and taste, starting from a mixture low in fats and salt that is at the same time greedy, genuine and digestible.

For the rest, Saporè Milano will offer its customers all the most famous creations of the Veronese pizzaricercatore: la Crunch and the DoppioCrunch, characterized by a proverbial crunchiness; there Bread mozzarella, an extremely soft dough, where the encounter with the East led to deeper steam cooking; and the Classic Round Pizza, with a voluminous cornice, made with PastaMadreViva and less refined flours. To complete the offer, the Pane – also in this case made with PastaMadreViva – and a series of dishes designed specifically for the lunch break. To be sublimated with desserts, leavened desserts, brioches or biscuits, all rigorously prepared to perfection.

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