Recipes with roses – Italian Cuisine

Recipes with roses

Perfume, delicacy and sweetness. The blossoming of roses is the right inspiration to give a new allure to our menus

"What is in a name? What we call by the name of rose, even if we called it by another name, would still retain the same sweet fragrance . William Shakespeare chose these words to make Romeo speak, in one of the most cited metaphors of love in history. The unmistakable scent of roses and the delicacy of their petals, seem not to need a name to be called, because they are able to tell themselves.

And then, in this May finally arrived to make them bloom in the most beautiful gardens, why not bring this beautiful flower to the table? Its delicate scent makes it perfect for theflavoring sweets and ice creams, but if you want to taste something different, try the rose jam recipe and accompany it with a taste of aged cheeses!

To toast the spring, we thought of a light and fragrant cocktail, based on gin and rose petals, "la petite rouge". THE almond cigars with rose cream they are a perfect recipe to make a brunch unique or to close the Sunday lunch with a fragrant note. The cream with the roses in the recipe can be a good idea to accompany simple cakes like the margherita cake and make them unique and special.

THE rose petals I am a romantic and delicate dessert, perfect for a dinner for two, but also to surprise a friend invited for a tea on the terrace. The scented ice cream instead it is a light and original idea to close the lunch with a light and unusual dessert. Ready to make your table bloom?

Here are our recipes with May roses

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