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It's easy to say cold coffee. But do you know how many ways you can prepare this perfect summer drink? Here are some

Once the grandmothers always had in the refrigerator, when the temperature was hot, a beautiful glass bottle full of already sweetened cold coffee, strictly next to the tea.
Preparing the cold coffee to keep in the fridge and to consume if necessary is very easy. Just put it on the fire a moka or more coffee and then sweeten to taste is transfer to the bottle maybe diluting everything with little water. A drink so good and fresh that the only downside is that once it is ready there is not just one cup!

In many, cold coffee is taken only at the bar and there is an embarrassment of choice.
You can have it shaken, but also with the crushed ice and maybe with milk for the version Frappuccino that Americans like so much. It can also be sweetened with liquid sugar, chocolate or cream and can be enriched with spices of all kinds. Then there are those who prefer the strong version with the alcohol correction.

Of course, it will not be easy to convince the true connoisseurs of coffee and the lovers of the hot cup in the morning, but we want to suggest you some ideas to prepare a good cold coffee at home.
The only rules to follow I'm:
– Choose an excellent quality coffee
– Use mocha coffee and not soluble powder coffee
– Sweetened with liquid cane sugar or not sweetened at all
– The coffee must be brought to room temperature before being mixed with ice

cold coffee

Cold coffee … in so many ways!

Coffee with ice

The easiest way to prepare a cold coffee is to do it in the moka or in the professional machine, let it cool a little and then pour it into a glass with ice. To sweeten it use it liquid sugar because it melts better or add granulated sugar or cane sugar when it is hot.

The shaken coffee

This is the most requested in bars. Get ready with the shaker always adding ice and liquid sugar as in the previous recipe. Someone likes to correct it with a liqueur.

Coffee granita

This is a delicious variant of cold coffee, typical of southern Italy.
Coffee should be mixed with a syrup of water and sugar and placed in the freezer inside a container. You have to mix it every half hour so that it does not solidify completely and after about two hours the granita will be ready to be enjoyed with whipped cream or in the middle of a classic Sicilian husband "with the group".

Frappuccino and Iced Cofee

These are the American versions of cold coffee.
The frappuccino is a cold cappuccino which is prepared by whipping together ice cubes, milk, coffee, liquid sugar and cream or ice cream. It can be enriched with cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut or amaretto cream and many other goodies. You drink with a straw. The coffee is instead a American long coffee cooled with a generous amount of ice cubes. The portion is usually extra large.

To conclude, we certainly cannot leave you without the coffee granita recipe.

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