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Ready-made puff pastry appetizers: 30 delicious recipes

Rustics, pretzels, savory pies, cannoli and much more. The appetizers with puff pastry are easy to prepare and very tasty: here are 30 recipes not to be missed!

If you love them appetizers with puff pastry, you will surely have recognized the king of our cover. Yes, it is he, the rustic Lecce! A puff pastry stuffed with tomato, mozzarella or bechamel And that's it. Fragrant, greedy and rich, it is perfect both for preparing appetizers with single-portion leaf pasta, both for a quick and tasty lunch. Don't you remember how they do it? Here is our recipe!

Appetizers with round puff pastry

And here comes the fun part. Because when we have to prepare appetizers with ready-made puff pastry, we are always undecided on the best format. The answer is in the form of the pan, of course, but not only. The round format is ideal for preparing very stuffed savory pies because this shape will help you to coat the edges and contain the filling, but also for recipes that they recall pizzas and big sandwiches. A very nice idea, for example, is to cook two discs of round puff pastry and serve it in the center of the table, stuffing it with fresh crescenza type cheese and ham or mortadella.

Appetizers with rectangular puff pastry

This format is suitable for preparing appetizers that require preparation of strips of puff pastry like the breadsticks, croissants, cannoli and all the recipes that suggest that we wrap the dough around vegetables, fish or cheese cuts. But the rectangular shape is also perfect for preparing savory pies without cover, perhaps using the same pan that we use to make pizza by the slice. Choosing a mold with an elongated shape will then ensure an optimal result!

Single portion appetizers with puff pastry

Puff pastry is perfect for preparing single portion appetizers without difficulties. If we want to offer round tartlets, it will be enough use a cup to cut out the base of our recipes. If we want to prepare a puff pastry raviolone instead we will only have to place our filling in the center of the dough cut with the cup and fold the dough in two.

Puff pastry and seeds

For a decorative and even more crunchy effect, decorate the puff pastry with a mix of toasted seeds such as white, black sesame and poppy seeds. To make them adhere well to the surface, just put them on the dough after brushing it with the egg before baking.

If you are also hungry, the good news is that in the gallery above we have collected 30 appetizers with puff pastry one better than the other!

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