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Raw food vegan influencer is caught eating fried fish

Influencer Rawvana, famous for her YouTube channel where she gave advice to follow a strict vegan and raw food diet, was caught in a restaurant eating fish: fans don't forgive

Yovana Mendoza Ayres, better known on the web under the pseudonym of Rawvana, he combined it big. In his YouTube channel, which has almost five hundred thousand followers, he told how to follow one raw and vegan diet. On his Instagram profile from more than a million followers, showed his healthy lifestyle, also through commercial sponsorship partnerships with raw food. All this success could have come to an end due to a stolen shot: the influencer was caught in a restaurant eating some fried cod, a betrayal that caused the wrath of all his fans.

What is the raw vegan diet?

First of all, this type of diet prohibits meat is animal derivatives, like eggs and milk. Not only vegan, but also raw food: so they are banned all cooking methods or any kind of treatment. IS cI have been advised to take only raw vegetables, with the purpose of do not alter nutrients and the present properties.

Rawvana's apologies

Immediately after noticing the photograph and the insults of her followers, the youtuber recorded a long one apology video, explaining the reasons for his transgression. Apparently his doctor would have advised her to reintroduce fish and eggs into her diet. At just 29, the girl found herself in premenopausal.

"I'm really sorry about the way the news was communicated to you, the way you discovered it. I know that many of you trust me, they listen to me and probably now you feel cheated and you have every right to feel that way. And for this I ask for forgiveness, but I am a human being … I never thought I would have to sit in front of this camera one day to tell you that I have already eaten eggs and fish for two months and feel much better because the raw vegan diet is bad. I will return to a vegetarian diet .

In the video Rawvana tells of her experience with the vegan diet and other types of purification, such as a 25 days total fast, during which he only drank water. After suffering various health problems, including an intestinal bacterial infection, the doctors have prescribed her to reinsert animal derivatives to get back in shape.

The anger of the fans

Rawvana's apologies didn't help much: her followers didn't forgive her, accusing her of fraud. The incident not only sparked the anger of the most convinced vegans, but also harsh criticism for having continued to promote such a strict diet, despite the disastrous effects it had caused to his health. The career of Rawvana could therefore be over: after the attacks, many of his followers have already started to unsubscribe from his channels.

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