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Pupo new kitchen tv program

If in '68 Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau formed "The strange couple"In the historical comedy written by Neil Simon, today on TV there is another totally unexpected: baby is Cristiano Tomei. Both sailed protagonists of the cathode ray tube (or maybe we should say now LCD screen?), Their destinies of artist and chef meet for the new cooking show of TV8, Pupi & Fornelli.

When and where

For the time being, the jury bench of Cooks of Italy with Alessandro Borghese, the Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant The Funnel of Lucca is preparing to enter the studio from Monday to Friday at 18.30 with the multifaceted Enzo Ghinazzi, real name of the artist from Arezzo, who has recently completed his last adventure in RAI with Stra Factor.

How to play

It will not be a contest between amateur chefs MasterChef, who has just resumed the race with the new entry in the jury of Giorgio Locatelli, but a challenge that promises amusing between relatives at the stove. In each episode we challenge two couples composed of brother and sister, parents and children, mother-in-law and new, grandmother and granddaughter, and so on, on a classic recipe of Italian culinary tradition chosen by the judge in charge. Each pair is made up of a "experienced chef" and an "incapable of cooking", the latter in charge of making the recipe while the more expert is forced to look helplessly into the race within a maxi soundproofed tin from where he can despair, scream, inveigh without being ever heard by his partner in the kitchen.

Add a difficulty worthy of a yellow film to increase the suspense: lo chef Tomei unveils the recipe and the preparation to be prepared only for less experienced competitors, leaving the partners in the dark. Out of the four available aids, only on the first occasion the other teammate is notified of the dish to be replicated. During the four 30-second bonuses each, the "relatives under glass" can give voice directions directly to the "messy" cook to try to straighten the recipe in progress and can leave the maxi jar only in the last five minutes for save the pot with their intervention in extremis. In all this, baby is the show's star, the only one who can follow the competitors both in the kitchen and in the glass post, collecting the hot sensations and keeping the playful tension high.

At the end of the race, the two plates are judged by Tomei and the winning couple wins a cash prize. In addition, from the sixth installment the winning couple can return to play in the next installment, up to a maximum of five bets.

No to waste & Sponsor

In Pupi & Fornelli, an original format Fremantle written by Angelo Ferrari and with the direction of Sabrina Tricarico, there is great respect for the food used and all the wasted food is reused in the best possible way during and after transmission. The sponsors of the program are: Agricola Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar, Parmareggio is Ubena.

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