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Pumpkin flowers: 10 quick and easy recipes

Stuffed or fried or in pasta sauces, i courgette flowers they are delicious and tasty, however you decide to prepare them. Do you think their use in the kitchen is purely Italian: once again we saw each other at the table.

They can be harvested both from zucchini (and those that you normally find from the grocery store) and from pumpkins. I'm a versatile ingredient with a delicate flavor but tasty, a healthy and easily digestible food. And then with their intriguing appearance they can make each dish pleasant and colorful. Remember that you must deprive them of the bitter internal pistil with a small knife.

Sale & Pepe has chosen 10 quick and easy recipes for you to cook pumpkin flowers in simple and quick moves.

If you are in a hurry but still want to serve your guests with a refined and eye-catching savory pie, try the mini recipe quiche with pumpkin flowers and crescenza, with a crispy brisée pastry base and a creamy filling with strips of pumpkin flowers and crescenza cream and eggs. They are excellent warm or cold, combined with a salad of fresh tomatoes dressed with oil and basil.

To cheer up a buffet or a summer dinner with taste and delicacy, prepare the focaccia with stracchino cheese with zucchini flowers and anchovies: it's really easy to do and super tasty. Pumpkin flowers should be washed gently, or passed only with a damp cloth, and cut in half and deprived of stems and pistils.

Very easy, super fast to make but with guaranteed success, even the white pizza with pumpkin flowers won't let you down.

Don't miss the fried pumpkin flowers: try them in the recipe of the pumpkin flowers with anchovies, they are really tantalizing. Prepare the batter in which to dip the courgette flowers: mix 150 g of flour with 2 eggs and 4 egg yolks, 15 cl of milk, salt, pepper and the grated rind of a lemon. Let it rest covered for at least an hour. Before dipping the pumpkin flowers, just before frying, add the baking soda, which makes the batter softer.

You only need a few minutes to make pumpkin flowers a second intriguing and unusual, very light: i pumpkin flowers with shrimp they are stuffed, from raw, with ricotta, shrimp, minced cooked ham, grated Grana Padano cheese, salt and pepper. The cooking is steamed.

If not, have you ever tried pairing with béchamel? Kitchen i pumpkin flowers with ricotta baked: they are a delicacy.

Scroll through the recipes we have selected here for you and start with the one that most appeals to you. We are certain that you will slowly test them all.

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