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Persimmons are one of the most appreciated fruits of this season: rich in vitamin C, fiber and beta-carotene, a natural antioxidant useful for the immune system and skin well-being, they are also very energetic because they contain lots of sugars. Excellent to be consumed at the end of a meal, they are also a perfect ingredient for making creams or desserts, such as persimmon flan. Follow our tips to prepare it.

Persimmon Flan
Persimmon Flan

The ingredients of the persimmon flan

1.3 kg persimmon – 675 g granulated sugar – 300 g ready-made custard cream – 170 g slightly more 00 flour – 150 g cow's milk ricotta – 125 g more butter – 100 g egg white – 75 g icing sugar – 50 g almond flour – 50 g almond flakes – 15 g pectin – vanilla beans – lemon – salt.

Which wine do you combine it with?

A soft and creamy dessert, suitable for everyone, both large and small, perfect for this season, to be served with a glass of late harvest, such as Cala dei Tufi, Settesoli cellars.

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