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Prepare the gourmet panettone in three different ways

The tips to prepare three different types of gourmet panettone, the prince of Christmas appetizers

As the sweet version of the panettone cannot be missing on the Christmas tables, so there cannot be the gastronomic version. King of Christmas appetizers, the gastronomic panettone you can fill it in a thousand ways, with fish, vegetables, colored mousses or with all the ingredients mixed together.

Here are our suggestions for making three versions, one more tempting than the other. Get yourself a panettone to stuff, we will take care of the sauces!

The gourmet panettone

The gourmet panettone it is one of the starters that we will absolutely find on the tables on Christmas day. If you don't know how to stuff it, we can offer you quick and simple ideas to make it even better.

All fish

First elaborate the bases that you will have to spread on the panettone disks. The first, with peas, prepare it by boiling the peas in a little water. Once cooked, blend them to obtain a homogeneous cream and season with salt. Do the same thing with the zucchini. You will make the third sauce by mixing together the mayonnaise with ketchup, Cognac and worcestershire sauce, to obtain a Cocktail sauce.

Begin to stuff the panettone: spread the pea cream on a disk, minced over grilled mackerel (there are already cooked fillets on the market) mixed with a little oil and lemon zest. Continue by adding two more panettone disks and spread the zucchini cream, mixed with a tablespoon of oil and half of vinegar. Place the cream of smoked swordfish on top and cover with two other disks. Finally roll out the Cocktail sauce on which you will rest boiled shrimp. Repeat the whole sequence a second time, close the panettone, let it rest a whole night and then serve.

With gourmet creams

Prepare one tapenade finely chopping black olives, capers, anchovies, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add some cream cheese and mix well, to create a homogeneous sauce. Roll it out on a panettone disk and overlap this cream with minced cooked ham mixed with mascarpone.

Overlap two discs and garnish again with a cream composed of chopped walnuts mixed with chopped Emmental and robiola cheese, again add two panettone discs and finish with a cream made by mixing the mascarpone with a pinch of wasabi. On this basis place slices of smoked salmon, ripe rocket leaves and mango slices. Reposition two panettone disks and restart the series from the tapenade. Close the gourmet panettone, let it rest in the fridge and serve the next day.

With vegetables

For this version of the gourmet panettone you will need artichokes, pumpkin and asparagus. Start with the artichokes: sauté them after cutting them into thin slices with oil, garlic and a glass of white wine. When they are cooked, whisk them and add them to the whipped cream. Spread this artichoke cream on a panettone disk and add some salmon eggs.

Overlap two disks and start garnishing with a cream that you will obtain by boiling and blending the pumpkin. At this, add the finely chopped almond and hazelnut slices, cover with two panettone disks and prepare the last cream.

Boil and blend asparagus; in the meantime, brown some scallops with a little oil and a pinch of salt. Cut them coarsely, place them on the asparagus cream and finish with flakes of tuna bottarga. Cover with two disks, resume the filling order, close the panettone and let it sit overnight so that the flavors penetrate well into the dough. Serve at room temperature.

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