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Pralin almonds. One leads to another

When you start with one then we can stop. They are pralined almonds or, if you prefer, you can call them landed almonds, fall asleep mother-in-law, stones of Abruzzo

When you start with one then we can stop. Perhaps there is no sweet snack any more than good almonds landed.

They are prepared with only two ingredients: almonds and sugar

In the tradition of central and southern Italy in the period that precedes and follows Christmas, the pralined almonds are cooked, better known as almonds landed or asleep suocerto: a recipe very easy and very quick to prepare and all to nibble. It is almonds cooked in sugar that become frosted up to look like small pebbles, so much so that in Abruzzo they are also called Sassi D'Abruzzo. They can be flavored with lemon or cinnamon and in the most delicious version they are enriched with cocoa or chocolate. They are called she falls asleep, mother-in-law because in the tradition they were brought as a gift to the mother-in-law not only to sweeten them, but also to keep them busy while the engaged couple gave themselves a little intimacy.

The recipe for landed almonds

To prepare the pralined almonds you must use about 150 g of almonds; with or without skin is indifferent. Put them in an aluminum pot with 120 g of sugar and 40 g of water and turn on the stove at low temperature. Stir continuously until the sugar starts to melt and has a sandy consistency and a pinkish color. It means that it has reached the right temperature.
Turn off the heat and place the almonds on the parchment paper spaced from each other to cool.
If you let the sugar melt completely, it will caramelize and become amber and at this point you will get caramelized almonds, just as good, but different from the recipe that we are proposing.

Almonds landed in Puglia

In Puglia, in addition to this recipe, there is a variant of landed almonds much more delicious based on toasted almonds and melted chocolate. Just mix everything together and then make small piles to cool in paper cups. They are really delicious and very nice sweets to bring to the table with coffee.

Some variations

You can make your almonds land more beautiful and pink adding a few drops of cooking alkermes.
If you love the taste and the perfume of the cinnamon you can add a little 'together with sugar and water, while it is perfect cocoa if you prefer dark and slightly bitter.
Someone even adds a few drops of juice lemon to keep the color of the praline sugar more shiny and shiny.

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