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Post-covid open: the new restaurants in Rome

Despite the lockdown, the new openings in the capital do not stop, from the star's pop address to the restaurant in Piazza Navona that is reconverted

For many who have not made it, crushed by the weight of the lockdown, there are others who in the following weeks (or even during the lockout with the delivery) have appeared among the new Roman openings. Mostly they are projects that had been started before the pandemic, in other cases they are happy conversions, the result of good ideas from those who have managed to transform the crisis into opportunities.


He had probed the ground during the lockdown with his boxes ready to be cooked on the barbecue, in the meantime everything was ready to kick off Carnal, the pop address project curated by the starred chef Roy Caceres, together with the partner and friend Riccardo Paglia and to Andrea Racobaldo, who deals with wines and cocktails or, better, cócteles. With this new opening, in the Prati area, the chef engages with a menu in which he has been able to pour his South American origins, without the constraints of fine dining and with his usual creativity. In Carnal's menu, not only Colombian dishes, but also Mexico and Latin America in general, with contaminations of very Italian products. There are the Bocones (tastings), the Cuarto Frìo, that is cold dishes such as ceviche, in the Caliente Zone there are hot dishes and another section is dedicated to the "hanged" or meat and fish that are hung to smoke.

The Oak

An oak in the middle of a delightful square in the historic center is the backdrop to the outdoor tables and the banner of this restaurant, which is a historic trattoria that already existed with this name, but which is in effect a new opening, since the actors involved have changed, the guise and the proposal. The important restyling that modified the interiors is the backdrop for the new collaboration between the Monteforte family (who also has a famous oven in the city) and Marco Gallotta, the chef already loved by gourmet in the capital for successful projects such as Rosti and First to Pigneto. After closing the latter, Gallotta had disappeared from the Roman square for some time. Now he is finally back to guide this address of the historic center. In the Quercia menu dishes that rediscover tradition, with a declared connotation of a restaurant, but in a modernized version, thanks to Gallotta's experience and creativity. For those who loved Primo, you feel at home, also thanks to the hand of the architect Liorni, whose style is always recognizable.


Eating in the middle of Piazza Navona on the tables in the square and not feeling like foreign tourists? No sooner said than done. Thanks to the good idea that the new generation of De Sanctis had. Filippo and Tommaso are the sons of the patron Enrico, who had already decided to leave the reins to the sons of his place at 79 in Piazza Navona. In particular, the latter had starred experiences with Angelo Troiani, Alessandro Narducci and Daniele Lippi, as well as in another historical address in the Roman center, Pierluigi. The other brother, on the other hand, is the commercial and marketing soul and that is why the new proposal is the anti-crisis solution, at a time when the crisis in the historic center is felt more than ever because of the lack of tourists. If there are no tourists, they said, why not focus on the Romans? And do it with a good quality proposal at low cost, rather giving up frills and service (there is the buzz that sounds when the dishes are ready), with intelligent ideas such as the bento box and the takeaway drink, to eat if you want even more in the center of the square. It must be said that inside the restaurant would like a nice restyling, but eating in front of such beauty is priceless. In addition, the dishes are fun and tasty, from the fried baby octopus to the parallelepiped of fried lasagna, from the bao bun to the hamburger with ribs.

Dafne Garden Cafè

They are among those who had everything ready in March, but their dreams of glory have been curbed by the lockdown. We are in the Prati area (Lepanto height), where the Pontecorvi family has acquired and renovated a small 14-room hotel that has transformed it into a 4-star boutique hotel, the Apollo. To complete the work happily, a bar area with direct access to the street and a delicious terrace, made even fresher by the green layout of the Angelini sisters of Doppio Tratto. Still in the mood to transform the crisis into opportunities, the months of forced closure were the occasion to better think about the bar space and start a happy collaboration with Federico Cari, Bompiani's former pastry chef, with great experience also in restaurant pastry. While waiting to have the prerequisites to start a pastry line himself (there is a laboratory to be set up, but better times are expected), meanwhile Federico has organized a perfect card for the international breakfast and the lunch break, with delicacies such as pancakes and waffles, the club sandwiches that in a hotel can never be missing and that Cari has also reworked in a very successful veg version, the gourmet sandwiches. We proceed one step at a time, waiting for both tourists and the many workers of the buildings that surround the hotel to return.

Luce Experience

When the going gets tough the tough get going. This quote comes to mind when speaking with Mrs. Jolanda, soul of the Villa dei Cesari, a well-known location for weddings and events in Rome, on the Ardeatina, between the Appia Antica park and the catacombs. "All events canceled until at least the end of the year, apart from a couple of weddings in July that they bravely chose to confirm, we thought to roll up our sleeves." So they set up a team made up largely of their historical employees, to which was added Mirko Pagani who coordinates the kitchen and who created a menu based on dishes partly in tradition, such as carbonara in three versions, and partly modern. To this are added the products that come out of the monumental wood-burning oven, from the grilled pizzas, and the cocktails designed by the bar manager Edoardo Mattarino. It starts at 19 from the aperitif on the grass and continues, always in complete safety since the spaces are very wide, among the delicious outdoor tables.

Rose Tartare Bar

Its name is Rose and it does not leave expectations disappointed, because in this new tartare bar in Trastevere it is all very pink and equally full of roses. From the wallpaper to the color of the rooms, from the furniture components to the design of the objects, this bistro has chosen the color and the flower symbol of femininity also because three women animate it: Carlotta Santacroce, Alessandra and Fabrizia Cichetti, respectively daughter, mom and aunt. A place where you can make a quick and longer stop, choosing from the varied menu where tartare obviously dominates. Of meat, fish and veg, they can be found in purity or combined with first courses, tacos and bao bun.

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