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Prepared with fioretto corn flour, they were loved by the count who combined them with a small glass of barolo chinato. Here's how to prepare them

It is said that Cavour never ended a meal without two meliga pastes and a shot of barolo chinato. Yes, because these typically Piedmontese biscuits are a pampering not to be missed. Their name derives from the dialect: meliga, in fact it is the way used between Cuneo and Mondovì to indicate the foil corn flour, protagonist of the dough of the cookies. You will not need stencils to create this sort of donuts, but one sac-a-few. Ready to prepare the meliga pastas? Here is the recipe.

The recipe for meliga pasta


To prepare the meliga pastas you will need: 120 g of fioretto corn flour, 240 g of 00 flour, 130 g of white sugar, 1 egg + 1 yolk, 230 g of softened butter, 1 vanilla bean, lemon zest grated.


In a bowl mix the 00 sieved flour previously with the corn flour. Then engrave the vanilla bean lengthwise and using the tip of the knife, extract the seeds and add them to the flour. Then continue with the sugar.

Add the already softened butter (you can leave it out of the fridge for half an hour, or put it on the radiator, it is not necessary to melt it!) And the grated lemon zest.

With the help of a spoon (or if you prefer by hand) mix everything, then also insert the whole egg and the yolk. The dough must become soft but firm and not lumpy.

Transfer it to a sac-à-poche that has a star-shaped spout to obtain the typical striped appearance of meliga pastes.

Meanwhile turn on the oven at 180 ° and prepare a dripping pan with parchment paper. Create with the help of the sac-à-poche of the donuts keeping a sufficient distance between one and the other because they will swell during cooking.

Cook for about 20 minutes checking occasionally the appearance of the meliga pastas, which must be golden brown. They can be kept for several days if kept in a tin biscuit box.

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