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Tasty, delicious and joyful: the piadina is it street food symbol of the Romagna, land of good food and great gastronomic traditions. Like many Italian recipes, piadina has poor origins, in fact it was born as an alternative to bread by the simple union of water is flour. Lard was then added to the base dough, or alternatively olive oil, salt and in some recipes even a dash of milk. To accumulate all the versions is the round and flattened shape – thinner in the riviera, thicker in the hinterland – and the cooking on text, a cast iron or steel plate that allows a quick and homogeneous baking of the dough.

For the fillings, space to the imagination: squacquerone (typical Romagna cream cheese), raw ham and rocket are among the ingredients to choose for those who love traditional piadina, but why not enrich it with tasty vegetables like ours stringy tortillas or try unusual combinations, such as cold cuts and fresh fruit (you had never thought about the union soppressata and melon)? There is no shortage of sweet versions, the inevitable one with the Nutella that wanting can also be presented in a more creative way, rolling it up and turning it into a likeable one piadina sushi with Nutella, banana and raspberry sauce!

For some years now the Piadina Romagnola has obtained the recognition of theProtected Geographical Indication, but don't let the disciplinary intimidate you and try to prepare it at home, you will discover that it is really simple!

To prepare 4 piadine mix in a bowl about 250 grams of flour with a pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 80gr lard. Then add warm water, a little at a time, for a total of 8 tablespoons and knead the dough for 10 minutes. Let the piadina rest in a bowl covered with a cloth for 30 minutes, then divide it into 4 parts and roll it out into 4 wide and thin disks. Cook the tortillas in a very hot text or alternatively in a non-stick pan 2 minutes per side and then fill it to taste.

175561Piadine for all tastes
And if you are in a hurry, don't worry, you can find good piadinas ready to be stuffed on the market. Loriana for example, proposes both la Piadina Romagnola IGP to the Rimini area, prepared following the traditional Rimini recipe, perfect to be filled with salami and cheese, a specialty of the rural tradition, and a version Sfogliatissima made from extra virgin olive oil in the dough, which also satisfies those who follow a vegetarian diet, and the new piadina legumes mixed with chickpea flour and lentils, rich in protein, fiber and vitamins of the B group.

175558Designed for lovers of the most rustic taste Piadina with ancient grains Baule Volante, with ancient grains “Cappelli” and “Timilìa” and extra virgin olive oil, or the Piadina di Farro Fior di Loto, peeled and mixed with spelled flour and organic sunflower oil, perfect to be stuffed and served rolled.

Thin and easy to fill – folded or rolled – even the Integral Piadellas Mulino Bianco prepared with 100% wholemeal flour, without lard and palm oil.

Claudia Minnella
June 2019


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