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Pens and zucchini, many dreamy forkfuls

All the tastiest variations to explore the winning pair of feathers and courgettes: a great classic that never tires

Pens and zucchini form a beautiful pair and lend themselves to the most diverse combinations. Starting from the basic recipe we can play with textures, flavor accents and cooking. Yes to fried zucchini, sautéed, to the oven version and to those blanched and reduced to cream. Remember that they are good when accompanied with burrata, feta, provola, pecorino, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, but also with shrimp, salmon, swordfish, but also speck, bacon and sausage.

In white or red?

The answer is both! But while for penne with zucchini in white it is difficult to go wrong, in the red version we must pay close attention to the sauce. It should be as light and fresh as possible, even better if prepared with pieces of tomato. In this way we obtain a dish with well balanced flavors where the sauce does not suffocate the delicacy of the courgettes.

Like it was garlic and oil

Penne e zucchine is a dish that we like because it is very fast to prepare and does not require a dedicated expense. Its basic version resembles garlic, oil and chilli paste because it is prepared by frying the courgettes with a little extra virgin olive oil and salt, a clove of garlic and a pinch of hot pepper to taste. To make this dish even richer, we recommend serving it with grated salted ricotta or some Tuscan percorino flakes.

Even cold

This pasta does not require a specific serving temperature because both the feathers and the courgettes have a good yield even when they are served warm. In this case, we can push on the fresh salad effect by adding a few fresh mint leaves or a couple of spoonfuls of pesto. The secret to a perfect result? Pasta cooking, strictly al dente.

In the gallery above, our pasta to taste.

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