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If you think you are not able to cook a pasta with fish, try our recipes and you will change your mind

A first based fish and seafood it's always a great idea, especially in the summer. But who wants to clean the fish? So here it is some quick and easy ideas to bring extraordinary dishes to the table without much effort.

Clams mussels, shrimps and salmon

If you want to try an easy recipe with fish, these are the suitable ingredients.
The clams they are very easy to prepare because you just have to cook them in a pan with oil and garlic, and especially with the lid. For the mussels the same is true, but they must be cleaned by removing the external beard and scraping the shell well. Don't worry, you often find them ready for cooking in a fish shop.
The smoked salmon it is in the fridge counter of all supermarkets, just choose one of excellent quality. Prawns, shrimps and prawns they are easy to clean because it is enough to remove the shell and the external black casing and they are suitable for many preparations.
If you are not able to clean fish, we do not recommend fish with bones and thorns, such as le mullet, while you can use gods tuna fillets, swordfish and salmon simply cut into cubes and cook in a pan with the cherry tomatoes for a simple and tasty dressing.
Cuttlefish, octopus, squid and baby octopus? They are excellent, but buy them already clean! And above all attention to cooking because they easily become chewy and hard.

Spaghetti with mussels; pasta with fish
Spaghetti with mussels.

The secret is in cooking

Those who know how to cook fish say that there is nothing easier, the secret is cooking.
The fish seasoning cooks for a short time and must always be brittle enough to accommodate the pasta still al dente and wrap it well. There pasta with clams, for example, it is drained a few minutes before and then passed again in a pan with the sauce of clams, in this way it releases the starch and makes everything more creamy. Some add flour as a thickener, but we consider it an unacceptable mistake.
If instead of pasta use the couscous, bulgur or fregola, remember to cook them in a pan together with the seasoning left a little brothy, or cook them first leaving them a little behind cooking.
In order to never make a mistake with the pasta-fish pairing, we advise you, in doubt, to always opt for the gnocchi which are simply sautéed in the pan for a minute with the dressing.
Finally, if you are not an expert, but still want to try a first course based on fish, avoid above all things risotto, excellent, but very difficult.

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