Pasta, how to eat it so as not to raise your blood sugar – Italian Cuisine

In order not to raise the sugar level too quickly and promote health problems, it must be prepared with the right ingredients. Here is a series of useful tips to put into practice in the kitchen

There pasta it is one of the most loved foods and often also the first one that is easily given up at the table, especially if you have it weight or health problems such as high blood sugar. "Pasta, contrary to popular belief, is a food that should not be eliminated, but rather consumed in the right quantities and combined with the right foods so as not to raise the blood sugar level too quickly, that is, the blood sugar" says the nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. «First of all, it is enough to avoid associating it in the same meal with other sources of carbohydrates such as bread, but also pizzas, sweets and desserts. Excessive consumption of these foods causes blood sugar levels to rise and then quickly collapse, stimulating an overproduction of insulin, which triggers a whole series of mechanisms that favor the onset of overweight, type 2 diabetes and many others. other disorders , says the expert, who here suggests a series of tips on how to eat it so as not to raise blood sugar.

Bring it to the table whole and cooked al dente

«Compared to refined pasta, wholemeal flour pasta has a lower glycemic index and load, consequently causing blood sugar levels (glycaemia) to rise and fall less rapidly. The merit is due to the presence of soluble fibers, which have hypoglycemic properties ”, explains nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. To further lower the glycemic index of the dish, that is the speed with which blood sugar levels rise after eating it, it must be brought to the table al dente. «Prolonged cooking makes the starches in which it is rich more assimilable. He also promoted the classic cold pasta recipes such as salads. The advantage? "Cooling in the refrigerator makes starches less assimilable."

Avoid that scondita and eat it with vegetables

Unseasoned pasta has a higher glycemic index than that sauteed in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and vegetables. «Vegetables, especially leafy ones, are excellent allies to keep blood sugar levels stable. Combined with pasta, they make the absorption of sugars in the intestinal tract slower. The merit is always due to the richness of soluble fibers that form a sort of gel inside the stomach which together with the good fats of the oil slow down their absorption ", says nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino.

Yes also to spaghetti with fish

«Fish is a low glycemic index food. It provides proteins that help keep post-meal blood sugar at bay because they slow down the absorption of carbohydrates from pasta. Thanks to the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, they give satiety, allowing you to reduce the portions at the table and consequently the glycemic load of the meal ".

5 ingredients to add to the pasta to avoid raising your blood sugar

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