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Pasta and smoked salmon, the most delicious recipes

How to treat salmon to prepare a delicious first course and 5 recipes to try to fall in love with pasta seasoned with smoked salmon

Pasta and smoked salmon: what a good idea! Simple, quick to prepare and always good, it's a real one jolly recipe of which we cannot do without. But if you are thinking that there is only one way to do it, you are very wrong! Here are some directions for create always original dishes and a small collection of recipes to taste it like you've never done before.


One of the most intense ways to taste smoked salmon is to not work it. In this version it is perfect to enrich the pasta and has the only defect that tends to stick a little. To avoid this, cut it into a format similar to the pasta we have chosen: thin strips for pocket money, diced for dumplings and penne, rectangles for more important formats such as rigatoni. The seasoning? In this way it is perfect with private cherry tomatoes, six seeds, extra virgin olive oil and pepper.


If we want to give an exotic twist to our pasta, we prepare smoked salmon with a marinade made with extra virgin olive oil, lemon or lime, and a mixture of black, white and pink pepper. We will drain it, cut it into slices and season our pasta with salmon, thinly sliced ​​avocado and a few tablespoons of the marinade liquid.

Scalded in a pan

If you do not like raw meats, you can also cook smoked salmon in a pan to make it more like a cooked fish fillet. Do not overdo the cooking time or it will tend to dry out and take into account the fact that it will be very salty. For this reason we recommend combining it with another cooked and fancy ingredient such as fried zucchini and turning off the most intense flavors with a few leaves of fresh mint.

In the gallery above, 5 recipes not to be missed.

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