Pasta and potatoes recipe with parmesan – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Pasta and potatoes recipe with parmesan

Pasta and potatoes it is the dish of the heart of Antonio Arcieri, since 2019 chef of Arco by Paco Perez and Treinta y Tres in Gdansk, in Poland: “It reminds me of the days when dad cooked this specialty of his. he tells us – It takes me back to my Calabrian origins, with the variant of parmesaninstead of try it, heritage of Northern Italy, where I grew up. When I prepare it at home, in Poland, I can see the table with the whole family gathered together.”

The chef, who arrived in Poland after working at El Bulli and Azurmendi and in Paco Perez’s Spanish restaurants, gave us his recipe for pasta and potatoes: the potatoes cut into cubes and boil together pasta drained al dente they are poured together into a pan with the garlic, stirring with a little cooking water and parmesan. The goodness of this dish is also in the creamy texture of the potatoes which slowly fall apart during creaming.

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