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Pasta alla zozzona: ingredients and preparation

We give you a clue (or rather two): it is a recipe of Roman cuisine and it is very tasty! Try to do it!

Not only of Grice is bacon and egg you live in Rome. Perhaps less famous than the illustrious "sisters" but equally tasty and of traditional extraction, the pasta alla zozzona is one of the great classics of the Roman cuisine. A dish that "zozzo" really has nothing in reality, but that is called so only because in the Roman dialect this expression also indicates something very messy, which struggles to be clearly described.

It is precisely for this reason that the motto of pasta alla zozzona could be "You name it the most". It is, in fact, one recipe very rich and very seasoned, ideal for a lunch in company that does not include diets and calorie calculation. After all, if "semel in anno licet insanire" is the case to do it with something really irresistible that can leave a good memory for a long time!

The recipe of pasta alla zozzona

Ingredients for 4 people

400 g of rigatoni or striped feathers
tomato puree
3 very tasty fresh pork sausages to do in pieces
150 g of Parmesan cheese
150g of mature pecorino cheese
a glass of red wine
salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil


Wash them sausages and remove the gut that covers the meat, then chop them. Put extra virgin olive oil in one no stick pan and light the fire. When the oil starts to fry, add the crumbled sausages. Meanwhile put the pasta to cook in abundant salted water. While the sausage is cooking, sprinkle it repeatedly with the Red wine on high heat. Drain the pasta and place it in the pan with the sausage. Stir well and turn off the heat, then add the Parmesan and pecorino (better not together) and continue to whisk the pasta. Only at the end add two tablespoons of tomato sauce and, stirring constantly, add pepper and salt. Serve it, add some more cheese, some oil, and bring your delicious pasta to the table.

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