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Parsley, benefits in every recipe

It is the ingredient in more than many recipes, especially of Italian cuisine. But do we really know all the benefits guaranteed by parsley?

It flavor every kind of dish, with its pungent and slightly bitter taste that really makes parsley a versatile dish and one of the most appreciated in the kitchen, especially the Italian one. In addition to giving each dish a nice pinch of color, parsley is also a food rich in vitamins and with numerous benefits for the human body. For example, his ability is well known diuretic, which helps the body get rid of excess fluids. This, however, must not lead us to believe that it can be used without taking into account some of them contraindications, as it is a herb with important doses of oxalates, or compounds that occur in needle-like crystals which, when combined with calcium, give rise tooxalate calcium, a soluble salt with negative consequences for the urinary tract. Salt, that is, which also leads to infections, stones, kidney damage and blood loss in the urine. In short, people with gallbladder problems and other kidney diseases are warned. And it would be better to be careful with other foods that contain oxalic acid, such as spinach, rhubarb, whole grains and cabbage.

Source of vitamins

As said, however, parsley is a source rich in vitamins (A, B, C and K) which represent an ally for the system immune, helping the bones to tone and promoting the right balance for the nervous system. But parsley also contains folic acid, a friend of the heart and blood circulation, while thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities, there are those who recommend a pinch every day to feel relief from articolar pains.

Ally of digestion

Among the best known qualities of parsley, without a doubt, there is the digestive one. It is not by chance that the skills in this sense are known decoction parsley, panacea after particularly demanding meals. According to some research, moreover, parsley would even have an important role in the prevention of tumors and this could be due to the presence of apigenin, a substance that inhibits the proliferation of certain types of cancer.

Hair well-being too

By massaging some essential oil of parsley on the scalp can naturally reduce hair loss, while lengthening the list of properties of this spontaneous herb originating in the Mediterranean areas and believed harmful for cats (but in this case there are no certainties yet), it must be remembered that it is a food capable of stimulating appetite and eliminating nausea and a feeling of being sick. Finally, as is known by many, parsley refreshes thebreath and would even be a serious ally for those who intend to quit cigarettes. In short, considering its presence in many dishes, parsley is really a food capable of adding to each recipe one more ingredient for one's health.

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