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Parmigiana? Yes, but not only with aubergines!

Parmigiana is one of the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, but this classic can be revisited with different vegetables. Here are some ideas

The classic is inimitable, but it is not said that there cannot be as many delicious ones done in a different way. What are we talking about? Of the parmigiana!

One of the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, most likely of origin Sicilian (with consequent arrival under Vesuvius) and Parmesan contamination (hence the name) lends itself to many recipes with vegetables different to be the protagonists.

Eggplant parmigiana

Let's start of course from the more one classical, the one that embodies the true Sicilian-Neapolitan spirit of Italian cuisine, a traditional dish that never changes, full of flavor, harmony between ingredients and Mediterranean scents. There recipe provides the exclusive use of mozzarella and not stringy cheese to keep aubergines, a rich tomato sauce to be made at home with sautéed onion or shallot and to be embellished with tomato. Last, but essential, aubergines, which in the classic recipe of Parmesan must be fried, even if there are variations light of this famous dish with vegetables prepared on the grill or al vapor. The flavor will not be as intense as the classic one but the result is always guaranteed.

Zucchini parmigiana

Parmesan does not live alone on aubergines! The recipe can be made by changing the vegetable that is the protagonist of the dish.

The most famous is perhaps that of zucchini, with breaded and fried or just fried vegetables (depending on your taste), baked or pan-fried, and with the bechamel instead of the sauce for a "white" version.

Eggplants and zucchini can also be used together, for a mix in which the tastes of the two vegetables blend together, in this case, from sliced ​​tomatoes. The advice is that of all to grill the vegetables and season them with the mozzarella cheese (always eliminating the water, it is one of the secrets for all the Parmigiane) and the Parmesan before passing them in the oven for about 10 minutes to make them flavor further.

The other Parmesan

On the other hand, those who love experimenting in the kitchen can opt for less classic versions of Parmesan. One of the tastiest is made with the pumpkin. Simple to make and rich in taste, the pumpkin parmigiana provides the possibility of to fry the vegetables after having sliced ​​or breaded and cooked in the oven, depends on the taste you want to give the dish. What should not change compared to the classic version of the recipe is the use of mozzarella, in this case in fact the use of the tomato sauce not recommended. To enrich the taste, it will be abundant to parmesan.

The parmigiana of potatoes it is perhaps the richest variant. It is prepared white with the béchamel and embellished with cooked ham or speck, with the provolone (maybe smoked) to give even more flavor to the dish. It is cooked in oven in less than 50 minutes and the advice is to blanch the potatoes for about 10 minutes before cutting them and placing them in the pan.

There are also high less known versions of parmigiana to be prepared for example with le carrots (to always associate with a very tasty cheese) or with the escarole, in which the vegetables should be seasoned in the sauce already during the preparation and before being baked.

A very light version of parmigiana is the one with i thistles, to be boiled in water for an hour before assembling them in the pan to bake them with bechamel sauce. Side Dishes the Parmigiane di can be delicious or unique dishes artichokes, to be enriched with cooked ham and boiled eggs, that of asparagus, to be boiled before seasoning and put in the oven with the sauce and that of fennel, to prepare with burrata instead of mozzarella.

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