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This panettone has no butter, only oil. In fact you can not call it that way (but it's good)

About a decade ago the disciplinary of the panettone has established that this product is worthy of being called such only and exclusively in compliance with some clauses, such as the presence of at least 16% butter or candied fruit, sultanas and 20% peel. But these rules do not protect the qualitative aspect or the origin of raw materials: this is shown by the oil panettone, or rather, the 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which, despite being an excellent panettone, can not boast of this name.

Panettone with oil, ops Dolce 100% Olio

The idea of ​​the oil panettone, which no one had ever done before, was born in 2001 from a fortuitous meeting between Filippi brothers Filippi Pastry and Franco, the owner of a small shop in the center of Thiene, Oil and Olive, now closed . The success of this panettone was immediate, until the disciplinary of 2007, when, given the lack of butter, they could no longer call it that, but "100% Sweet Oil". The oil used for years has been that of the Frantoi Cutrera, a Sicilian oil on average intense and not at all bland, which is well suited to their needs. Today they are no longer the only ones to produce it, but if you find around "panettone all'olio" you should know that inside there is also a percentage, albeit minimal, of butter. Moreover, not less, this is the ideal panettone for all intolerant to milk and dairy products, even in the last one chocolate version, but miraccomando: do not call it panettone.

The Filippi Pastry

The Pasticceria Filippi was founded in 1972 as a small sweets warehouse with the grandmother Lucia Gasparini and sons. Over the years the various descendants are divided and so, for family reasons, Maria and Giuliano Filippi, master of elementary, find themselves with a laboratory to be managed, without any experience in the field. His sons Andrea and Lorenzo, who at the time were still in middle school, chose to help their parents from an early age: "while our peers played, we made yeast, even three, four times a week!"After selling loaves with one euro per year for years, comes the big turning point: deposit the Filippi brand and focus entirely on leavened products, especially on panettone, on the other hand in the land of Pandoro par excellence. To distinguish them once again over time is also the recent decision to become a B-Corporation company, a brand that guarantees particular respect for environmental impact, waste and personnel; for example, all the flakes of the panettone are in grosgrain, a material recycled from plastic, which costs almost double.

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