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The panettone, from a typical Milanese dessert, it has become a national Christmas symbol: the83% some people think it can't be missing from the party table.
Sold throughout Italy, it begins its period of glory together with the decorations, around a month before the anniversary, and is consumed, as per legend, until the day of San Biagio, February 3, the day when you eat a piece of leftover panettone to chase away ailments. Although many would like to eat it all year round.

The numbers of panettone

Follow us, let's tell some stories about panettone, through numbers!

The characteristics of the panettone

  • 20/07/2005 Ministerial Decree governing the production and sale of panettone.
  • 10 the steps provided for by the ministerial for the production of panettone
  • 16% minimum quantity of butter in the dessert
  • 20% quantity of raisins and candied fruit

Consumption *

26,800 tons of panettone

22% artisan panettone, 78% industrial panettone

87% of people think

48% of people say they prefer artisanal pastry panettone

About 11% is the increase in the price of panettone compared to 2020

1 kg is the preferred format for ¾ of consumers

35% of consumers would like to find panettone all year round

10% of buyers buy panettone in January

* (main research source Nielsen / CSM Ingredients "The evolution in the consumption of panettone in Italy")

The curiosity

1495 presumed year of birth of the panettone, the pan del Toni, who baked it for the first time at the court of Ludovico il Moro, in Milan

385 are the calories per 100 g of artisan panettone

294 books on panettone available on Amazon

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