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Chef Isabella Potì of the Bros restaurant in Lecce, a Michelin star, and her recipe for a Christmas brunch, based on dried fruit. His pancakes are in fact with …

Mango. Isabella makes pancakes with mango. After Cornetto Algida, Potì returns to lend its name and face to another brand, this time the dried fruit Happy Belly, an Amazon brand. Unfailing on Christmas tables, dried fruit becomes a healthy but delicious Christmas brunch in Isabella's hands. "Dried and dried fruit has always been a fundamental component of my daily diet and I love, when possible, to include it in my creations in the kitchen," explained Isabella. «Working on these recipes with Happy Belly products was like taking a dip in the past, going back to my childhood, when in the family we had fun experimenting with new combinations with dried fruit. An inevitable ingredient during the Christmas holidays, it also belongs to my tradition to simply finish the meal with walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds or eat it for breakfast combined with a natural yogurt .

Mango? Reidratalo

Isabella's advice is to rehydrate the dried mango, as is done in Salento with dried tomatoes, giving it a new, much fresher consistency! It would be perfect to give a note of acidity inside a chocolate cake or pancakes with mascarpone cream.

Dried mango pancakes with mascarpone cream


For pancakes
4 egg whites
4 yolks
40g 00 flour
2g unflavoured baking powder
25g whole milk
5g cream
25g sugar
Seeds of a vanilla bean
40g of dried Happy Belly mango

For the filling
1 fresh mango
1 lime
20g very fine brown sugar
100g fresh mascarpone
200g fresh cream
15g icing sugar
¼ of vanilla bean


Combine the yolks with the vanilla seeds and the milk. Then sift the flour and baking powder to add the yolks little by little. Separately cut the dried mango into small nuts and add it to the previous preparation. Finally, beat the egg whites until stiff with the sugar. Mix the egg whites 3 times.

Simmer pancakes in a flat pan greased with a little butter. Pour about two tablespoons of mixture for each pancake taking care to leave enough space between them so that they do not stick together. Leave to cook for about 3 min on each side, covering with a lid.

In the meantime, peel the mango and cut it into small dice of about 1cm. Then season with the zest and lime juice and brown sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves.

For the mascarpone cream, mix the cream with the sugar and the vanilla seeds. Separately in a bowl work the mascarpone to soften it. Then mix the mascarpone cream and put in a piping bag. Decorate as desired.

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