Our brioche with cream: #LCIFoodDelivery – Italian Cuisine

Our irresistible brioche to be ordered through our delivery service. Are you ready to discover the secret of our cream? #LCIFoodDelivery

The Italian Cuisine School comes to your table with the new one food delivery in partnership with Deliveroo. Italian Cuisine – Ready to eat is the first home service by La Cucina Italiana, born with the desire to enhance the excellences of the Italian territory in full respect of tradition and seasonality of the ingredients.

#LCIFoodDelivery: Yellow and red

One of the desserts available in our delivery menu is called "Yellow and red" and is the excuse you have been waiting for to enjoy a sweet breakfast at all times.

It is a brioche stuffed with lemon cream and red fruits: «Our brioches are peeled with fine butter and well leavened to be more crumbly. The secret of the cream is the use of organic lemon from Sorrento: we use both the peel, to enhance the aroma of essential oils, and the cold juice, to obtain a pleasant acidity contrast "explains Giovanni Rota, Executive Chef of La Scuola de La Cucina Italian.

The delivery service of La Cucina Italiana is active on Milan Monday to Saturday, from 12 to 22. If you want to taste our Ligurian lasagna and many other traditional Italian dishes, just access the delivery application Deliveroo and order. The dishes are designed to preserve their quality during the trip and will be delivered hot within a sustainable packaging, fully compostable and recyclable.

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