Organize the kitchen of the house like that of a restaurant in 6 moves, with the guide of the chef – Italian Cuisine

Organize the kitchen of the house like that of a restaurant in 6 moves, with the guide of the chef

Working in your own home with the efficiency of a cook in a professional kitchen: it is not impossible, if you follow some simple instructions

Whether it's preparing dishes everyday or cooking for a great occasion, the organization of the kitchen is essential: if everything is clean, tidy, well prepared, the work becomes easier and faster. This is the approach that is followed in restaurants (in those that work well, of course), and that we want to try to "copy" and export to our homes. Of course, certain things are impossible: none of us has a brigade available to help them or professional equipment. However, there are no obvious precautions that can make the way we move in the kitchen more effective. Someone reveals it to us Flavio Forte, chef ofHostaria Quinto Quarto of Monza. Six tips that always refer to the concepts of order, cleanliness and attention to quality: very useful rules even in smaller kitchens and that allow you to eat quickly and well.

1) Check refrigerator and pantry before deciding what to prepare: knowing with certainty what you have available facilitates the work and allows you to avoid unpleasant hitches.

2) Store foods properly, in order to always have the possibility to control the product: everything must be well kept and tidy. Complete packages, foods divided by type, so as to find them without fail; in the refrigerator and in the freezer always separate the raw and cooked foods; frozen foods should always be labeled with the specification of what it is and the date of preparation.

3) Always work in the clean: clean and tidy worktops and work spaces allow you to move better, faster and more effectively. When you finish using an instrument, wash it and store it: we will then know where to find it without wasting time.

4) Organizing work to do more things together: prepare the sauce while the pasta is cooking; season the vegetables while the meat browns … synchronize the various actions increases efficiency. Especially if the preliminary operations are done before and you have available already cleaned and washed vegetables, already minced sauté and so on.

5) Use different tools to make less effort: oven, stove, microwave, blender … everything that is available plays an important role. And once again, making the various tools work together can shorten the preparation time.

6) Choose good quality products it facilitates work and enhances what is cooked. You avoid wasting time and raw material with scraps and you are sure to put something good on your plate.

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