#OraDiCena: tonight an appointment with Niko Romito – Italian Cuisine

#OraDiCena: tonight an appointment with Niko Romito

The live appointments with La Cucina Italiana continue: in these days of isolation we keep company with interviews and exchanges of recipes live on our Instragram profile.

Today, March 30 director Maddalena Fossati will meet – virtually – live Instagram, the three-starred Niko Romito.

How to follow the live broadcast?

Follow and participate in #OraDiCena is simple: just connect to Instagram at 17.30 and look for the profile @LaCucinaItaliana. You can comment and ask your questions to the chef and the manageress.

The calendar of upcoming events

March 30: Niko Romito
March 31: Eugenio Boer
April 01: Antonia Klugman
April 02: Fulvio Pierangelini
April 04: Moreno Cedroni
April 05: Norbert Niederkofler
April 06: Antonio Colonna

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