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Online museums: the best virtual tours to do at home

You can also travel from home, now more than ever. Here are the virtual tours and 3D tours to do in the best museums in the world, while comfortably staying on the sofa

Visit the galleries and i museums most famous in the world, directly from home, respecting the security measures necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While waiting to travel again, the beauty of the works of art becomes virtual and arrives comfortably in our homes.

Some of the most important museums in the world already had them available digital archives is 3D tourothers have implemented them at this very difficult time, which forces them to close. From Louvre to Uffizi Galleries, look at the gallery above and travel through history, art and beauties kept in the best museums around the world, without neglecting archaeological sites and i monuments most loved.

Online museums: the unmissable

An ideal activity to take a break during the quarantine, but also a way to dream future destinations. To give you an idea of ​​the virtual visits that you can do from home, here are some of the most unmissable.

Vatican museums
One of the largest collections of art in the world: the virtual tour of Sistine Chapel.

Anne Frank house
The museum site allows you to take a virtual tour in the 3D reconstruction of the Anne Frank houseas it was during the Second World War.

In New York, one of the museums of natural history most visited in the world. Online it is possible to visit temporary, permanent and past exhibitions.

Prado Museum
The Madrid art gallery, among the most important museums in the world, allows you to admire over 5,700 works of art online, including all Goya's masterpieces.

The Paris museum offers the opportunity to do 3 virtual tours different: discovering Egyptian antiquities, the old fortress that now houses the museum or the Galerie d'Apollon.

In the gallery above, you will find all the other online museums to visit.

Virtual travel does not end here …

Another site worth visiting is Google Arts & Culture, where in addition to finding all the online museums that can be visited via the internet, you can also take virtual tours of the most beautiful cultural sites and monuments in the world thanks to the Street View function: from the Eiffel Tower to Pompeii excavations, from Coliseum to Stonehenge, from Taj Mahal to Kyoto temples.

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