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Carnival is celebrated (and fried!). Once a year it is allowed (indeed it is almost mandatory). So green light for pancakes, donuts and tortelli … And for invigorating seasonal dishes: pizzoccheri, Chinese cabbage, pork and much more


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It's Carnival: time for donuts, donuts, donuts, pancakes, spirals, stuffed crescents (our cover!). The dough is thrown into the very hot oil, and immediately rises into soft delicacies, then sweetened by a veil of sugar or honey.

February it is also season of robust and invigorating dishes, like the pizzoccheri, to be prepared according to the traditional recipe of the Academy of Teglio or with new delicious creative condiments: Jerusalem artichoke and dried tomatoes, turnip greens and anchovy crumble, roasted sprouts and cream of onions … It's time for pig (al nimêl, the animal as it is called in the countryside of Emilia Romagna), of its succulent roasts, stews and chops.

It is an opportunity to learn how to use the Chinese cabbage (from Peking and Pak Choi), relatively new ingredients on our markets, which are quickly conquering us: they are good, versatile and perfect, both raw and cooked, in delicious daily dishes.

And many other discoveries: the ancient and noble cuisine of Ferrara, among the wines Pecorino cheese (and its combinations with a rich cuisine of sea and land), the Spiny artichoke of Sardinia Dop, i chutney, and, to conclude (with an indispensable coffee), we tell you the story of a star of our kitchen: Moka.

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