Omelette: the perfect recipe step by step: watch the video – Italian Cuisine

Omelette: the perfect recipe step by step: watch the video

Omelet: it's not that easy to make! A chef from La Cucina Italiana challenges an editor: will he be able to prepare the omelette by listening only to the indications of the chef, but without looking at him (and without making him angry)?

The preparation of a perfect omelet it can hide pitfalls that only an expert cook can help us solve.

Davide Negri, chef and teacher at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, arrived in the kitchen for a special lesson, ready to show the rules, i technical steps he most common mistakes that can occur in the preparation of the dish.
The challenge? Our web editor Alessandro Pirollo he tried to prepare the mushroom and ham omelette, accompanied only by the chef's voice, but without being able to watch it. The most critical moment? The chef's movement to roll it …

Watch the video on our YouTube channel to find out how it turned out.

You too can try to follow our chef step by step and learn the recipe for prepare omelettes in a workmanlike manner.
The ingredients you will need are: eggs, milk, butter, ham, champignon mushrooms, salt and pepper. The tools instead, a bowl, a pan, a knife, a whisk and a spatula are needed. Ready? Yes chef!

Below, don't miss ours recipes of omelets to experiment with many other ingredients and combinations!

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