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We taste the agnolotti of the starred restaurant Del Cambio in Turin: here is the home delivery service and support for small local businesses

Del Cambio it is not just a restaurant, but a place that represents Turin's culture and beyond. Between 1821 and 1861 its halls were frequented by characters who made history, from Cavour to Nietzsche, from Marinetti to D’Annunzio. Today a bit of this story arrives directly at home through the taste of the chef's dishes Matteo Baronetto and Del Cambio's kitchen brigade.

#OggiDelivery: agnolotti

Change Pharmacy is the service of home delivery which allows you to choose between appetizers, first courses, main courses, pastries, aperitifs and selections of very rich wines Del Cambio winery. A way not only to keep the pleasure of tasting alive, but also to support the many small local businesses that supply the quality cuisine with quality raw materials. Carignano square.

Among the dishes to taste, a classic of Piedmontese cuisine stands out. The agnolotti they are made by hand, with fresh pasta and a filling inspired by tradition (you can choose from beef, spinach, pork, parmesan), all accompanied by roast sauce (sold separately with instructions for cooking it). In combination, the chef recommends Cuvée del Cambio 2015 Contract.

Matteo Baronetto

Supporting local businesses and the restarting of the city is a will that is very close to our heart Matteo Baronetto, executive chef of Del Cambio: «It is thanks to the small local producers that we can always guarantee the quality and sustainability of our cuisine. We return to work not only to help these entrepreneurial realities to reactivate the operating chain: we want to make the city of Milan feel turin our closeness, in a moment so difficult for everyone .

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