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Let's try the cacio e pepe from Cucina Evolution: the new culinary culture made in Italy, where beauty and goodness are also good, to be enjoyed comfortably at home #oggidelivery

Libra Evolution Kitchen it's not just a restaurant, it's one new philosophy, which reworks traditional Italian dishes with respect and attention to well-being, thanks to constant scientific research that combines pleasure and longevity. A new and important nerwork by antiaging restaurants, certified and guaranteed, but there is more Kitchen Evolution is also Academy of Culinary Nutrition, dedicated to food and health professionals, a community of people who learn, share and spread the philosophy of eat well and stay fit. It is also the first certified food delivery for nutritional security (WHO) and validated by Certiquality, third party certification body. The uniqueness of the delivery, which sees the preparation in the kitchens of the Libra Cucina Evolution restaurant in Via Alfredo Testoni 10, in the heart of Bologna, is of double security: nutritional security and that guaranteed by the asepticity of the packaging.

#OggiDelivery: cheese and pepper Evolution

Libra Cucina Evolution in Bologna has already reopened to the public, but for those who want to enjoy a good plate of cheese and pepper and all the great classics of Italian cuisine, without leaving home the delivery service is super active, the dishes are sent every Wednesday and they arrive in 24 hours all over Italy, in a special packaging that remains refrigerated for 72 hours, to satisfy every desire and desire without neglecting well-being.

From an idea of ​​the star chefs Evolution Paolo Cappuccio is Fabio Ciervo, the Cacio e Pepe Evolution has all the ingredients of the traditional recipe, but it brings less fat, less calories and more fiber. Inulin, soluble fiber that makes us feel fuller and has a prebiotic effect, promotes the growth of "good" microorganisms in our intestines. How to combine a light red: a Rosso di Montalcino or a Morellino di Scansanofor example, they go very well with the flavor of pecorino.

A constant commitment is that of Cucina Evolution, to transform the most delicious dishes of the Italian tradition into long life elixir and perfectly balanced even for a forced quarantine like that of the #iorestoacasa.
There Dr. Chiara Manzi he is the best expert in Europe in Culinary Nutrition, the branch of nutrition applied to cooking and pastry and ready meals that can be purchased directly through the online shop meet 5 requirements: safety, taste, health, calorie counting, savings.
A solution designed for those who want to enjoy the convenience of eating delicious and healthy dishes already prepared; nutritionally balanced; for those who are afraid to go out to shop or don't find the time; for those who want ready meals but don't trust the hygienic conditions of the restaurants; for those who want to eat good things and not gain weight while staying at home (including pizza); for those who want to escape and feel at the restaurant.

“A good cuisine to die for, but also… BuonaDaVivere! It's possible. So why give up? " this is his motto of Dr. Chiara Manzi.

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