Not the usual gateau: the sweet potato pie – Italian Cuisine

Not the usual gateau: the sweet potato pie

The potato gateau it is a dish that everyone likes, just everyone.
Would you like to try it in an "American style" version?
We use them sweet potatoes then.

Don't call it a gateau

The sweet potatoes are now available in all supermarkets and are prepared exactly like yellow potatoes, but they have a slightly sweeter taste and a very hard texture.
They should be cooked a little longer and are perfect for the preparation of savory dishes, but above all sweet.
We want to try using them to cook one potato pie a little revisited.
We will then add del tasty cheese to counter the sweetness of potatoes and then many herbs to give an aromatic touch. Are you curious to try?

Sweet potato pie recipe

First cook, starting from cold water, 500 g of potatoes peeled and cut into equal pieces.
Once soft mash with a fork or a potato masher.
They must become a puree, but you can also leave them a coarse p0 ′ for a more rustic version.
Then mix them with two small eggs or one large egg, a nut of butter, two spoons of parmesan, herbs mixed chopped with knife and bread crumbs just enough.
You can then decide whether to create a pie with a "cheesy" heart, or directly add the pieces of cheese in the mixture before baking.

But which cheese?

You can really choose what you prefer because with sweet potatoes everything is fine.
If you want a sharp contrast choose the feta which is super savory; if you want a tasty contrast choose the gorgonzola creamy and blue; if you want a delicate contrast choose the fontina which is also racy.
You can also add the mozzarella cheese, but remember to dry it very well first.

How to cook the pie

You can choose to serve the pie in portionsthen buttered aluminum molds, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and then fill them, perhaps with the heart of cheese.
Once cooked at 200 ° for about 15 minutes portion them with a side dish of vegetables like Brussels sprouts which are a little bitter and perfect in contrast, or with leafy vegetables sauté in the pan.
If you want to prepare one instead single pan, in the same way butter it well, sprinkle it with the breadcrumbs and then fill it.
The surface of the pie must always be sprinkled with breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan and before baking it is important to add a few flakes of butter that will melt during cooking and create a nice golden crust.

Browse the tutorial for more tips on preparing sweet potato pie

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