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Stew Chicken

From curry to sweet and sour, from vegetables to mushrooms: five easy and tasty ideas to bring to the table a second with the not obvious chicken

The chicken it is a very versatile meat, but always too undervalued.
For everyone it is the least creative second to prepare when on a diet, but in reality with the chicken you can create many tasty and absolutely not sad dishes. Like it stew, for example, which we propose here in 5 versions.

How to cut the chicken

Often in the butcher shop you will find the chicken already cut for the stew, but you can easily do it yourself at home with a whole chest. Just remove the nerves and cartilages and then cut it all to cubes of the same size in order to have a uniform cooking. Use a very sharp knife with a smooth blade and divide the breast first in half and then in several pieces.
The meat is very tender and easy to cut.

Creamy is better

The chicken stew is likely to be a bit sticky and therefore requires a little seasoning to be really greedy.
Could be tomato sauce or even something creamy that is obtained by passing the pieces of chicken in the flour, better if rice. Once the meat has browned, sprinkle with wine, broth or other and the liquid part in contact with the flour starch will turn into a delicious creamy sauce. Get ready bread for the shoe because with stews it is a must.

What to fade with?

It seems a useless passage, yet when blend the chicken with a liquid part the perfume remains and the taste also gains. With the White wine you are never wrong, while with red you not only color the meat, but add an overly intense aftertaste. Very good instead blonde beer which is especially good with spices such as paprika and chilli, and if you want a more enveloping and soft fragrance used brandy and cognac.
If you don't want to use alcohol, opt for the vegetable broth or for a citrus juice.
The stew most loved by children, however, is the al milk, accompanied with mashed potatoes.

5 Recipes for chicken stew

Here are some recipes to prepare simple but impressive stews.

Curry chicken stew

A classic that everyone always likes.
You can also prepare it with turkey and if you want instead of the traditional curry you can also use the green one in pasta, which is more difficult to find. Of course, curry chicken should always be served with a portion of basmati rice.
If you want to discover our recipe read How to cook a perfect curry chicken

Oriental chicken with peppers

This is another ethnic recipe that we know and we all appreciate now like almond chicken.
It is about sweet and sour chicken with peppers which is traditionally prepared in Chinese cuisine.
Bread the chicken with the rice flour and then cook it in the pan with the oil (even one of delicate seeds) and add a little broth. Then add some peppers cut into strips, a teaspoon of sugar and white wine vinegar and continue cooking until the peppers have become soft. Add salt and whole almonds or flakes and serve with fresh parsley (or coriander).

Baked chicken stew with vegetables

This is the simplest recipe because you just have to put it all the ingredients in a baking pan and cook.
You can choose from more mixed vegetables or even just potatoes and play a lot with aromatic herbs and spices.
An idea could be to place the chicken stew in a pan with potatoes and small pieces, carrots and zucchini slices and a sliced ​​onion. You can also add raw cauliflower or brussels sprouts.
Add salt and pepper and season with extra virgin olive oil and a mixture of parsley, oregano, thyme, marjoram and sage.
Sprinkle with white wine or beer and cook at 200 ° for about 30 minutes.

Stew Chicken

Creamy chicken stew with mushrooms

This recipe is enriched with a bit of fresh cream to create a creamy sauce for the chicken that goes particularly well with the mushrooms.
First of all cook some mixed mushrooms or only champignon mushrooms in a pan with oil, garlic and parsley.
In another pan cook the lightly floured chicken with a drizzle of oil and a knob of butter and add the broth. Add the mushrooms and a little fresh cream and cook over moderate heat until you have obtained a dense saline.
Salt and pepper.

Chicken with tomato sauce

A stew with Mediterranean colors and flavors with tomato, capers and olives.
You can prepare both with the tomatoes cooked with the onion and a clove of garlic, both with the tomato sauce.
Cook the meat only with a little oil and deglaze with the broth, then add the tomato sauce or the puree, a handful of desalted capers and pitted black olives.
Complete the cooking with oregano, salt and pepper.

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