Nina, the taste slayer that we all want to be – Italian Cuisine

Have you always wondered how the new flavors of potato chips are invented? Here is the answer

To travel around the world to discover wonderful places, new flavors and fascinating lives. Someone does it for work.

It is impossible not to get excited watching the video of More Taste which tells the story of Nina. It almost seems like an adventure movie trailer that you should definitely not miss.
Above all, it is impossible not to feel a pinch of envy for the protagonist, who does the job of our dreams: the taste hunter, tasteful hunter.

Nina, the tasteful hunter

What does a taste hunter do? Go anywhere and taste everything. Nina is the curiosity made person: with his fascinating kit, he explores the most disparate places, savoring innovative ingredients, typical products and surprising spices. And then he combines them, giving life to unexpected tastes.

The campaign, signed by Wunderman Thompson for the direction of Giovanni Bedeschi, marks a new starting point for the famous San Carlo fries. More Taste is no longer a product line, but a real brand with a hymn of its own: the taste is of the curious!

This turn is also accompanied by the launch of a limited edition to taste Paprika & Mango and two new irresistible snacks: Nacho Cheese, which takes us to South America with corn and melted cheese, and Sour Cream, which combines corn with sour cream instead.

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