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Nicoise pasta: the perfect first course for a picnic

It has the same ingredients as the French salad, it is very easy to make and is an ideal preparation to put in the fridge bag

Surely you have heard ofNice salad, or better niçoise, as it is said in French. It is a typical dish of the French Riviera, in particular of Nice, as we note from the name. But if we used its own ingredients to prepare one instead cold pasta? Why not, Nicoise pasta is easy, perfect even for the most clumsy in the kitchen! The days get hot and the desire to cook decreases, we need simple preparations, perhaps to be reinterpreted based on what we have at home, and unique dishes to put in a cooler bag and easily take with us, to the office or, even better, to the park for a picnic. Here then is the recipe for Nicoise pasta.

How to make Nicoise pasta


To prepare Nicoise pasta for 4 people you need: 320 g of short pasta of your choice, such as penne and fusilli, 2 eggs, 2 medium boxes of tuna in oil, 4 anchovy fillets in oil, 100 g of green beans , black olives to taste, 10 cherry tomatoes, salt, extra virgin olive oil to taste, basil to taste.


Prepare the Nicoise pasta it is very simple. Prepare i green beans, cutting the ends and boiling them in salted boiling water for about 10 minutes. Firm up the eggs, remembering that for the perfect boiled egg it takes 7 minutes to cook. Put a saucepan with the water for the pasta on the fire and bring it to a boil.

Meanwhile in a container put the tuna fish, after draining the excess oil, the anchovy fillets, the boiled and chopped green beans, the olives (to be cut or not based on the size and presence or absence of the core). Also cut i Cherry tomatoes in 4 and add them. Put the pasta to cook and, after the minutes indicated on the package, drain and let it cool under a jet of cold water.

Decant the pasta in the bowl, stir well, season with the extra virgin olive oil and salt. Remove the egg shells and cut them into wedges. Arrange them on the pasta salad and complete with some leaves of basil.

If you want a stronger dressing, you can create a lot of Vinaigrette with mustard, extra virgin olive oil, salt and lemon juice.

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