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Muffins that do not rise (the secret is yogurt!)

When you want something soft, but you don't have time to wait. In these buns the yogurt in the dough is the solution

The yogurt scones I'm there perfect snack, but also the perfect aperitif, the perfect schiscetta and the perfect picnic. After such a premise of perfection you cannot fail to try them. Especially since they don't need to leavenedor rather, that rise directly in the oven.

Yogurt and yeast

Obviously you are wondering how these do it scones to be soft like leavened muffins, even without rising times. The secret is yogurt. Very often in fact, it is also used in sweet and savory cakes to stimulate the leavened in combination with the bicarbonate because the acidic ingredients combined with a leavening agent give rise to a chemical reaction that allows any dough to grow during cooking. Baking soda and lemon juice or baking soda and vinegar also work great.

The taste is that of a classic focaccia and yogurt is practically not felt.
They can be more or less soft depending on the processing and cooking: if you prefer them crunchy roll them out quite thinly, otherwise leave a thick layer.

Which yogurt to choose?

We recommend that whole Greek white because it is tastier and creamier and makes the texture and flavor more palatable, but you can also opt for a low-fat yogurt.
If you don't like yogurt, replace it with a spreadable cheese Philadelphia type, equally acid, although less creamy.

The recipe for yogurt scones


500 g of whole white Greek yogurt
600 g of self-raising flour (or 600 g of 0 or 00 flour and 1 sachet of instant yeast for 16 g savory pies)
extra virgin olive oil
coarse salt


To prepare the muffins with yogurt just work self-rising flour and yogurt.
Our advice is to add the yogurt flour little by little until you reach the perfect consistency of a slightly more moist pizza dough.
Depending on the type of yogurt you will use and the flour, the doses may vary slightly, so you may need more flour. If you use the yeast separately, sift it and add it to the rest.
Be careful not to choose that of powdered beer because it wouldn't work the same way.
Once the dough is ready, just work it to make muffins because it does not need to rise.
Brush the scones with a little oil and season with coarse salt.
Bake at 200 degrees in a static oven for 15 minutes on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and lightly oiled.


you can stuff the muffins by cutting them in half or you can add grilled or sautéed vegetables on the surface before baking.
You can also decorate them with of cherry tomatoes or with dried tomatoes and if you use one Greek fruit yogurt you can turn them into a sweet snack.
These muffins become sandwiches if instead of hanging them, leave them round and high.

Browse the tutorial now to find out more tips on preparing these buns

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