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»Mozzarella Mousse - Misya Mozzarella Mousse Recipe

There mozzarella mousse it is an interesting idea, effective, yet very simple, to bring to the table an aperitif or appetizer different from the usual and ready in a few minutes. It is essentially mozzarella pureed with cream, salt and oil, which I served in small bowls, on a base of dried cherry tomatoes and decorated with fresh basil. The mix of flavor is really perfect and the result pleasantly captivating, try it to believe it!
This buffalo mozzarella mousse is perfect to serve with hot bread croutons that can be sunk into the soft mousse: P

First, cut the mozzarella into pieces, put it in a mixer, add cream, salt and oil and blend until you get a thick cream.

Assemble your glasses: put the cherry tomatoes on the bottom (if you break them up they will also be more practical to eat), then cover with a nice layer of mousse.

The mozzarella mousse is ready: decorate with fresh basil and serve immediately.

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