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1 kombu algae

There Miso soup, the misoshiru, is a light but nutritious dish. The miso fact, produced with soy cotta, is particularly rich in protein and vitamin B and is also considered a perfect anti-carcinogen. Of miso however, they are different, in fact there is the red one (aka-miso), the dark one (tanshoku-miso) and the clear one (shiro-miso), all of different color depending on their composition and the type of fermentation. What I chose to use is dark miso, added to dashi, tofu and wakame seaweed to prepare this traditional Japanese soup.
This recipe reminds me of my trip to Japan, when I tasted this soup for the first time, and the algae and the bowls, in which I served it, are a souvenir of my trip. I hope you like the recipe, leave me a comment if you've ever tasted it or if you'll prepare it;)


How to make miso soup

Prepare the dashi by soaking the kombu seaweed in pieces in a saucepan with water.
After 30 minutes move on the fire and cook for about 15 minutes, without reaching the boiling point.
1 kombu algae

Then raise the seaweed.
2 lift up algae

Add the katsuobushi in the same water, bring to a boil and turn off the heat.
Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
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3 cook and filter stock

Then filter the dashi and heat it back on the fire.
Melt the miso inside that you will pass through a strainer with tight links.
1 miso in the broth

Now cut the tofu into small pieces and place it in the bowls in which you will serve the soup.
Add the wakame seaweed to each of them.
2 cut the tofu

When the broth reaches boiling pour it into the bowls.
3 add broth

Your miso soup is ready to be served.
Miso soup

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