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Mirandola, the mayor removes the patronage of the «anti-fascist pastasciutta»

The "anti" prefix, according to the mayor, would be too "divisive": the ANPI reported it, which every year organizes the July 25th party (and it will do so this time too)

The prefix "anti" would be too «divisive: for this reason the mayor of the Northern League of Mirandola has revoked the patronage of the Municipality at a party that is repeated every year on July 25, that of the Maccherone to comb with the antifascist pasta from Casa Cervi. It is an event born to remember what happened in 1943: per celebrate the fall of fascism, the Cervi brothers prepared quintals of pasta to bring to the farmers of the countryside of Reggio Emilia. The ANPI volunteers, on the 25th of July, remember that moment with a big party in the square of Campegine. So far the patronage of the Municipality has always been guaranteed (for 74 years the administration has been on the left), but this time things have gone differently.

The organizers of the event, Pier Luigi Borellini Gualdi, president of Anpi di Mirandola, and Francesca Donati, a member of the board, summoned by the mayor, who explained to them that «a mayor must always maintain cohesion in his community, And that you could, at most, celebrate the «partisan pasta, or better yet, just pasta.

The mayor and his councilor wanted to add their thoughts on anti-fascism, a concept that "no longer exists because there are no more fascists". The ANPI asked "what is the division that would create, in the sense that anti-fascism is historically the ideological glue that united all the different forces that opposed Nazi-fascism".

And, after having proposed to the administrators a series of formative readings "hoping that they can help them find the way that leads to belonging to a welcoming and inclusive community (as recited by the constitutional charter) and not divided (like the slogan that, from some time, it also echoes through the city streets "before the mirandolesi") ", ANPI has decided that the party will be the same, and never mind if the municipal patronage is missing. The administration is also invited, but "only if it is consciously democratic, and therefore explicitly anti-fascist, as it was established that things had to go in this country called Italy, since the first January 1, 1948".

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