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Mini pancakes that look like cereals

They are so small that you can eat straight from the bowl! Here's how to prepare and enjoy them

Here's an idea for all fans of pancakes, but also for those who love them alternative breakfasts. If you want to experiment in the kitchen already in the morning, maybe on the weekend when you wake up calmly and have no particular commitments, try preparing pancakes cereal. A food trend exploded on Tik Tok and Instagram during lockdown when there was no shortage of time for cooking and working with imagination. These are mini pancakes that can be literally "spooned" from the bowl as if they were gods cereals because they are roughly the same size.

How to prepare mini pancakes

How do they prepare? The dough is the same as the classic pancakes (find the recipe here), must not be too dense, nor too liquid and must be homogeneous, without lumps; then it takes a little dexterity to pour the pan right amount (you can do it with a spoon or with the help of a food syringe or with a sac à poche) and not to burn them because they cook quickly (use a non-stick pan or a specific one for cracks and lightly butter them). Mini pancakes must have one diameter of about 1-1.5 cm: cook them on one side first, then when bubbles start to form on the edge, turn them upside down with the help of a spatula and cook them on the other side as well.

Cereal pancakes: in a bowl, but not only

How to enjoy mini pancakes? With butter and maple syrup, with berries, with banana slices, but also with a little milk or yogurt if you want to eat them just like cereals. You can also create small ones bocconcini by skewering one more mini pancake or some on top of the other skewers alternating mini pancakes with fruit. You can also prepare thevegan base dough or protein and light.

Browse the tutorial to see how to do it!

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