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Milan, pick up a plastic bottle and get a beer

Until Sunday, in Ripa di Porta Ticinese, the special "plastic machine" is in operation in collaboration with Corona. And, above the plant, a mega wave-shaped installation, made of recycled plastic

Plastic used for a beer. Until Sunday 9 June (closing day of the Ocean's Week), if you insert a small bottle in a special plastic machine which was installed in Ripa di Porta Ticinese 43, you will receive a coupon that will give you a bottle of Corona, the famous Mexican beer, completely free. You can pick it up in one of the places participating in theinitiative Pay with plastic: Elita bar, Mag Cafè, Sugar and Ugo.

When you will be in front of the plastic machine, look up: right above the plant it was positioned a giant wave-shaped installation, obtained from the activity of recovery and recycling, and consists of 15 cubic meters of material for a weight of about 220 kilos, with over 12 thousand bottles and glasses.

The work of art, which has been inaugurated on the Naviglio Grande by the singer Jovanotti, together with the musician Saturnino and the television presenter Marco Maccarini, will be in Ripa di Porta Ticinese until Sunday, June 16th, then he will leave for a summer tour throughout Italy, in locations affected by Jova Beach Party. "This wave will follow me in these 15 beaches," the singer explained. "It's a way to show symbols that are important. Actions are also important, but they also light up thanks to the story that you manage to put on stage .

The wave in recycled plastic was made for the #ProtectParadise campaign launched by the Corona brand to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the city to safeguard the environment, starting from the cleaning of the canals, up to the correct disposal of waste.

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