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Milan open city (against Coronavirus)

72 hours after the forced "curfew", the Milanese react. The restaurants are open and the aperitif capital is confirmed resilient: we will not change our lifestyle

The Jamaica bar had said it straight away, it won't close. The historic Brera restaurant has been open 7 days a week since 1911 and had not lowered the damper even under the bombing, let alone an influence. The images released by the media spoke of quarantine: no museums and public meeting places, gyms and cinemas, few open restaurants and above all no aperitifs, concerts, bars. Milan has emptied itself, who can work from home, in the subway seems to be August and a curfew starts from 6pm. All true, but … It took 48 hours and after a moment of bewilderment the Milanese raised their heads, well before the politicians candidly turned back on the measures launched to contain the danger. If they wanted to paint Milan as a city in war, frightened enough to shut themselves in and attack the bakeries of the Esselunga, the Milanese of Milan-Milan are not there to live on Netflix and food delivery. You are outdoors, along the Navigli you can drink beers sitting on the steps, the parks are full of children at home from school and via chat friends organize alternative evenings. "We will not change our lifestyle," was the reply, brushing up on Bush's statements against post-9/11 terrorists.

We will not change our lifestyle

The Milanese Imbruttito wrote it well: "Milan, get up and work out". You know, you are in a hurry in Milan, and it is already time to do something. 50 leading restaurateurs of 74 brands, a thousand brands and 10,000 workers of theUnion of Italian Catering Brands they did not close and they wanted to give a signal. "We express our common sense by deciding to keep our premises open, adhering to the invitation of our Mayor Beppe Sala who calls Milan to common sense and invites us to avoid attitudes that can generate excessive alarm, including the image of a city" off "In every sense, without there being an actual need – declared Antonio Civita (Panino Giusto), Nanni Arbellini (Pizzium) and Vincenzo Ferrieri (CioccolatItaliani), promoters of the initiative – With our colleagues we have decided to donate economic support to the voluntary forces in the field, represented by recognized associations, which we are defining in these hours because Milan is a living city … and a living city is a city that reacts ".

Milan, get up and work out!

Part of the Milanese association and entrepreneur, Tunde Pecsvari had no doubts "Osteria Brunello it never closes, we are open 365 days a year, lunch and dinner, and we continue to be so even at this particular moment. Milan needs positivity, to look ahead and to find again its vitality, the desire to do as soon as possible. Osteria Brunello is always there, it is a certainty, we are always open and ready to welcome our customers ". Ugo Fava, entrepreneur of the Vista Group (Triennial Terrace and Dock View), founding member of the Gud Milan with chef Stefano Cerveni, Marco Giorgi and Luca Miele said – "A week that is a bit special for our beloved city begins. We decided to decrease the number of seats, to enlarge the space from one table to another, hoping not to see the number of customers decrease! We were able to keep those with a hot table open until 10.30 pm, with the idea of ​​serving the customer. Without forgetting the Gud Bye delivery service that can help those who have decided not to go out from home ”.
Restaurants can open, of course, but opening has a cost and if you don't cash in, the losses are stratospheric. But there are those who have decided not to think about turnover for once, like the Chinese restaurants of the MU group (Mu Fish, Mu Dim Sum and Mu Corso Como), who decided to face the economic effort. Because Milan is not like Wuhan.

Closed rooms and empty restaurants, hotels that have reservations canceled and Salone del Mobile postponed to June mean an assured crisis and months and months to return to being the most visited city in Italy. Concern is expressed by Fipe (Italian Federation of Public Exercises), which through the words of President Stoppani warns "The sector risks a state of crisis". Raise your voice with an appeal to the government and institutions alsoItalian Association of Ambassadors of Taste (CEO): "The uncontrolled fear of the population about the infection threatens the survival of our category which, debased by the unjustified development of the phobia and without profit margins, remains in any case bound to compliance with tax obligations. We are exposed to unprecedented risk. " They call for the abolition of tax obligations in the regions affected by Covid-19, tax exemption and decontribution programs aimed at businesses and holders of VAT in the supply chain, access to unemployment funds, but above all to preserve a sector from collapse , in fact, the flagship of an entire system.

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