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The woman, the actress, the cook. On June 22nd Meryl Streep turns 70. But its particular beauty and the irresistible charm that characterizes it win over time

Meryl Streep she is a perfectionist, an acrobat between talent and awards on the shelf. In her career, one of the most prolific and acclaimed in the world, she has devised a myriad of roles, hundreds of emotional states, always with critics applauding her and the directors competing to work with her. Yet for Mary Louise Streep, born seventy years ago at Summit, a small town in New Jersey, the things that really matter are others: love, sex and, of course, food.

The diva at the stove

She is the one who revealed it in an interview a few years ago on "The Talks", where she confessed for the first time a certain clumsiness in the kitchen. «Sometimes I started preparing dishes only to say: Oh god! And then throw them in the sink . When her children were young, there was someone who cooked for her: luxury to which she had to give up and which led her to prove herself once more: "When my children were young it was difficult to pay attention to the tasks at the end of the day and even prepare dinner ".
Lately, however, the pleasure of cooking has also infected her: she admits to preparing a lot of pasta, "because it's easy". «I cook because my children love certain types of things and then they want more and more of them. My daughter is now fixated with pasta with cauliflower, fresh parsley, tarragon and salted ricotta . The dishes are certainly not very simple for the actress who won three Oscars, which is in great demand from all over the world and on the most prestigious sets there are.

Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in
Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in "Bridges of Madison County", 1975 (photo by Warner Brothers / Getty Images).

The woman and the actress

However, it is not easy to deal with the woman and the professional. If she can manage everything, it is above all thanks to her husband Don Gummer ("I was lucky to have found it") and to a certain organizational ability that allows her to plan everything well in advance, careful that nothing goes wrong. Acting, after all, is his lifeblood and if he were deprived of it he would die. "It is a glorious profession and I am so grateful for all that it has allowed me to express", Meryl confesses again, which does not hide the fragility of any woman. From a pinch of healthy envy for Jessica Lange when she got the part in Sweet Dreams in the long embrace with Sophia Loren after the unfounded voice that said that the Italian diva had it for her to have blown her starring role in The Madison County bridges. At work, however, there can be no fear. "You can be afraid in a press conference, be nervous or sweaty, but you can't have it while you do this job because that's how it works." And we love it for that too.

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