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Melegatti, the Pandoro have all snapped up

The production of Christmas sweets from Melegatti, a historic Verona-based company, only started again in November, but in a few weeks it produced and sold more than half a million pandori

They went all pandoro steals that the Melegatti He has produced in a hurry for Christmas.

The rebirth

Since the production of the historic factory in San Giovanni Lupatoto, in the province of Verona, took place in November 2018, after the stoppage of more than a year, the employees only had a few weeks to prepare party desserts. The company was registered for 13.5 million: the new owner is the Vicenza entrepreneur Roberto Spezzapria, the president his son Giacomo and the managing director Denis Moro, who explains: «We have sold over half a million pandores, a result frankly unexpected just over a month from the restart of production made possible by the commitment of all employees of the factory ".

The future

And now, for the Verona-based company, it is already time to work to overcome the next challenge: «At Easter we will start again with traditional products, the doves, the specialties, the stuffs . Moro anticipates the news in the program, as «the ancient cereal dove, also looking at new products in the daily consumption segment, and then exporting to foreign markets .

For his ambitious plans, Melegatti needs a great workforce. «We left with 35 employees (all hired indefinitely, ed) and as early as 2019 we will make new assumptions targeted to bring home new skills . And to the Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, who had called Pandoro "soulless", Moro replies: "This cake was born 124 years ago with Melegatti and has a very important identity, strong and precise .

All Italians know this well and have guaranteed maximum support for the historic Veronese company. "The rest did it the people who understood the drama lived with great sensitivity, he wanted to give his own contribution by buying many of those pandores who risked not being there anymore, "said Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto Region. "And I hope, however, there will always be on the tables of the Veneto and Italians."

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