Meatloaf, alternative fillings! Vegetables, cold cuts, eggs, cheeses … lots of ideas! – Italian Cuisine

Meatloaf, alternative fillings! Vegetables, cold cuts, eggs, cheeses ... lots of ideas!

From eggs to salami, from vegetables to cheese, here are all the ways to fill one of the most imaginative second courses of Italian cuisine

The best way to make the Meatloaf even more greedy is to enrich the basic dough with one rich filling. The mix of minced meat, eggs and bread softened in milk is spread on a sheet of parchment paper, forming a rectangle and then stuffed: the classics are hard-boiled eggs, spinach, cheese and salami, but the fillings for meatloaf are many , one more good (and colorful) than the other. All that remains is to close it, give it the classic tapered shape and cook it.

Meatloaf … with whole vegetables

The vegetables I'm ideal in fillings for meatloaf: light and colorful, they do not weigh down an already very rich dish. The spinach they are a great classic: they are blanched, squeezed and then mixed, often with ricotta. This mixture is spread on the meatloaf mixture before cooking. Alternatively you can whisk the spinach directly with part of the meat, as in the two color meatloaf. To add a touch of red and yellow to your meatloaf, fill it with some flakes of roasted pepper; if you prefer a rainbow meatloaf, blanch the green beans and carrots in strips and sauté the peppers. Season all the vegetables with fresh thyme and a drizzle of oil and the filling is ready. Who loves the green can stuff meatloaf with sautéed courgettes, fresh peas is asparagus in small pieces sautéed in a pan.

Rich fillings for meatloaf

There are occasions when the latter must be very substantial: in these cases the meatloaf can be stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, thus getting when you cut it sliced ​​concentric circles that go from dark tones of flesh to the pure white of the egg white and the yellow of the yolk. To make it even more delicious, spread on the meat of the slices of ham, cheese, grilled vegetables. Alternatively there is the Neapolitan meatloaf: a riot of bread, yolks, raisins, pine nuts and spices. If you just don't have enough, roll out the dough for the meatloaf and lay us in addition to cold cuts and courgettes, a omelette and pieces of cheese.

Stringy fillings

Among all the fillings for meatloaf, however, the greediest is the racy one: a wrapping of well-flavored meat that contains a cheese heart creamy, as in chicken and rabbit meatloaf with toma heart. Other cheeses that perform well in cooking are scamorza, caciotta, caciocavallo, asiago, fontina. Better to avoid mozzarella, which risks releasing too much moisture and making your meatloaf soft.

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